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On a development team with Twentieth Century Fox, Zyscovich is the Master Planner/Urban Designer for the overall development, Architect of Record for the Water Garden Hotel, Mercado del Rio and Treetop Retail, and will oversee all of the landscape and related architecture in the public realm for this new master planned entertainment and edutainment development at Zoo Miami. As proposed, Miami Wilds will be the most significant leap forward for direct leisure tourism development in Miami-Dade since the revitalization of South Beach began more than two decades ago. The success of Miami Wilds and its family oriented venues will be driven by leveraging globally recognized brands, a number of the highest grossing movie franchises in film history, top rated television shows, and some of the world’s most recognized performers in a way which has not yet been accomplished in South Florida. While Miami Wilds will include a series of gated attractions, it is also designed to create a vibrant public realm which will serve as a gathering place for the whole community.

The development master plan below highlights the key elements of the proposed Miami Wilds development including:

20th Century Fox Adventure Park A theme park with anticipated rides and venues such as the Flying Down to Rio 4-D ride, Crash and Eddie’s Continental Drifters Ice Kayaks, and an exciting Alien vs. Prometheus dark ride designed to accommodate a projected 2.3 million guests year round;

20th Century Fox Adventure Beach A water park designed to accommodate approximately 650,000 visitors during an eight month operating period highlighted by Ice Age water slides and geysers landing guests at the foot of Rio beach;

Water Garden Hotel and Conference Center A 400 room hotel which will be located adjacent to 20th Century Adventure Beach and Zoo Miami and linked by a multi-modal transportation spine to all other project elements;

Mercado del Rio and Sony Music Theatre A 30,000+ square foot retail and restaurant village located at the front door of Zoo Miami, 20th Century Fox Adventure Beach, and the Water Garden hotel, which will include as its marquee anchor, the Sony Music Theatre, a first-of-its-kind intimate performance venue programmed and promoted by Sony Music;

Treetop Village A large retail and entertainment center adjacent to 20th Century Fox Adventure Park with movie theatres, bowling, restaurants, a variety of large and small retailers, and family entertainment center;

Sports and Events Meadow A multipurpose outdoor area for performances and sports activities adjacent to 20th Century Fox Adventure Park;

Wildlife Walk A lush landscaped pedestrian and bike central spine connecting the project elements with fascinating tales of the Miami Wilds and regional environment expressed along the way;

Miami Wilds Transportation A 1.5 mile unifying transportation link which ties all of the project venues to one another and serve as the primary mode of travel once inside the property for the more than 4.0 million visitors per year who are expected to visit Miami Wilds and Miami Zoo; and,

Parking Pasture Parking and drop off areas for 6,300 cars and 140 buses to serve all Miami Wilds venues including Zoo Miami.


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