Wynwood Quarters

Miami’s vibrant neighborhood of Wynwood has been transforming into an arts-oriented urban destination. The owner/developer of these seven properties challenged Zyscovich to create a cohesive sense of place among the scattered non-adjacent lots. These properties in the eastern quadrant of the neighborhood demand a different approach to the design of the master plan than the remainder of Wynwood, thus the infill approach incorporates different types of residential buildings at varying heights, each which its own character and defining program. All will connect to a charming new pedestrian roadway, or “woonerf,” that defines the street as a pedestrian park enhanced by geometric paving patterns and a rich landscape of trees and public art.
The development uses include multifamily residential, restaurant, retail, and art galleries, intermingled with courtyards and building lobbies, that will transform the life of this small district.


Miami, FL



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  • LOCATION : Miami, FL
  • CATEGORY : Mixed-Use
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Wynwood Quarters
Wynwood Quarters
Wynwood Quarters