Ocoee City Hall

The City of Ocoee has retained Zyscovich to design a new City Hall in downtown Ocoee, part of a larger public space improvement project that fits within the context of the City’s $45 million public infrastructure investment to stimulate development in the downtown area. The new City Hall will contain approximately 40,000 SF of habitable space to accommodate the needs of City staff, local state representatives, and, potentially, commercial space for food services and other retail establishments to serve the public and City staff. Zyscovich is commencing the design process with a comprehensive space analysis, demand, and allocation study to define the program for the new City Hall. The space needs study will also determine if the existing City Employee Clinic, currently housed in a renovated former residence adjacent to the future City Hall, will be moved into the new City Hall or preserved as a separate facility.

In addition to municipal offices and support spaces, the new facility design will include: a central reception and welcome area; structured file storage with department-specific access; a reproduction room for large-volume copying; a fitness facility with lockers and showers for City employees; storage space for surplus equipment; a server room with redundant air conditioning equipment and a backup power generator; and conference, training and meeting spaces sized and flexibly-furnished to accommodate a variety of gatherings.


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