MAST at Homestead High School Renovation

The Homestead High School for Medical Arts for Science and Technology (MAST) represents a new generation of 21st century high schools. The facility is home to one of the most innovative curricula in the county, integrating the study of Pharmaceutical, Bio-Medical Sciences, and Physical Therapy into a singular secondary educational experience. The building is an adaptive reuse of an existing hospital.

Within the existing structure, Zyscovich integrated a medically oriented STEM school with a focus on the biosciences. Located off the Main Learning Street are the Magnet program labs: a Pharmacology Lab with an adjacent outdoor horticulture garden used to grow medicinal herbs and other plants which the students use to create different chemical compounds; a Physical Therapy Lab with an adjacent Fitness Center; and a Biomedical Lab focusing on computer simulations. The Labs are transparent to create engagement in the different programs and excitement about future careers. At the center of the Learning Street is a Genius Bar, adjacent to the media center, where students engage in self-directed learning, are assisted with technology, and can access information any time of the day. The media center itself is not a traditional library, but a “Library 3.0,” facilitating content creation, access, and distribution with the most advanced technology available.


Homestead, FL


K-12 Education

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MAST High School
MAST High School
MAST High School
MAST High School
MAST High School