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The Mana Downtown Parcels Master Plan seeks to transform Flagler Street, the oldest street in Miami. The recent acquisition of multiple parcels in downtown has presented an opportunity for the resurgence of the internal core as a result of the shortage of waterfront property and the introduction of a new regional and, potentially local, passenger train connection.

On Flagler, the developer, Mana, plans a combination of renovation and new construction that will respect the historic scale of the street. To lure Miami’s young techies, the plan includes workforce housing with small, affordable units.

“Flagler Street was the hub of business of Miami, the hub that changed Miami,” Mana said. “I think we’re going to make it again the hub that will change for Miami for the future generations. My vision is to build the Silicon Valley of South America in Miami. They desperately need digital infrastructure. That kind of stuff you can do from here. Live, work, create.”

A combination of the renovation and adaptive reuse of existing buildings and new construction will expedite the repositioning a large portion of two city blocks in the heart of Flagler as a technology and entertainment zone.


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Mana Downtown Parcels