Downtown Doral Charter Upper School

The Downtown Doral Charter Upper School comprises a four-story middle-high school (Grades 6-12) incorporating the latest in 21st century flexible learning spaces, technology, and security in a safe school. The school was programmed and designed with an innovative, developer-driven cost model to provide a highly cost-effective solution while maximizing educational innovation. The project included an artificial turf play field, a rubberized running track, parking areas, a service yard, and related site work. The school is rich in exterior learning opportunities, including social courtyards, terraces, loggias, and a “Sky Playground” with rooftop play courts. The Music Suite features large hangar doors that open to the rooftop, allowing for performances under the stars. An abundance of interstitial spaces furnished with flexible and comfortable seating and furniture for individual and group study/gathering in the corridors, niches, loggias, and intervening spaces allow conversation and questioning to occur everywhere, and the pursuit of curiosity and inspiration is promoted throughout the facility. The “right-sized,” state-of-the-art classrooms and labs and program areas.


Doral, FL


K-12 Education

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  • LOCATION : Doral, FL
  • CATEGORY : K-12 Education
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Downtown Doral Upper Academy
Downtown Doral Upper Academy hallway
Downtown Doral Upper Academy field
Downtown Doral Upper Academy music
Downtown Doral Upper Academy classroom