Colombia Northeast Airports

Aeropuertos de Oriente, the Regional Airports Concessionaire, upgrade in six existing airports located in the Northeast region of Colombia through a series of modernization projects. With a philosophy of preserving the existing buildings by extracting the best architectural features, Zyscovich developed new façades with aesthetic relationships to particular locations and climatic conditions.

As a result of the contractual requirements between our client and the Colombian government, many of the specific areas had to be increased. Many of these additions are created to enhance security requirements, establish proper protocols for international arrivals and departures, develop more efficient and cohesive passenger flows, retrofit baggage systems, and bring the buildings up to current accessibility and international building codes. The new upgrades to the terminals are also oriented to reorganize pre-security and post-security commercial concessions and restaurants to improve their functionality and viability.





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  • LOCATION : Colombia
  • CATEGORY : Aviation
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Colombia Northeast Airports Terminal Architectural Design
Colombia Northeast Airports Terminal Architecture
Colombia Northeast Airports Airport Terminal Architecture
Colombia Northeast Airports Map