Cobb CinéBistro Miami Theatre

The project was created as a prototype for a national chain of upscale mall-sited movie theatres with the intention of providing a “red carpet” experience for adult movie-goers. Fusing the original glamour of early Hollywood with a 21st Century approach, the project extends the movie-going experience into an indulgence in fine dining and lounging. Its primary challenge was to provide adults who wish to avoid the noise and commotion of the mall experience with a luxe immersion in a sophisticated venue. The concept included such unconventional theatre amenities as an elegant restaurant, bar and dining terrace, and plush seating where the viewers can enjoy a gourmet meal as they watch the film in the comfort of a private-style theatre. Additionally, valet parking, private entrances for clients, and a highly sophisticated interior design made the project an ideal venue for corporate events, exclusive fêtes, film festivals and Oscar events, as well as simply for cocktails, relaxed entertainment, and dining. The firm custom designed every aspect of the interiors, from the lighting, wall coverings, and floor coverings to the signage, bathroom décor, and graphics. In order to evoke the essence of Hollywood grandeur and the drama of a black box live theatre, the interiors are suffused with gold details, lush textures, and high gloss surfaces. Projection screens are draped with diaphanous tulle where custom printed wall coverings depict black and white scenes from silent films as part of the bar concept. A sequence of oversized, gilded frames serves as wall panels on which a montage of movie imagery is embossed. A similar montage with verbiage relating to fine food surrounds the concession, which serves a connoisseur selection of delectables. Similar elegance was applied to the cutlery, dinnerware, and menus, and the bathrooms are appointed with beveled glass framed mirrors and black walls as an extension of the black box. Furthermore, each of the five theatres bears its own color theme in such dramatic tones as crimson, indigo, and creamy gold. Floors are polished wood, and seating is richly upholstered. The project, the first of its kind in the nation, successfully projected a unique and highly sophisticated identity that was being reproduced in other locations with great facility and recognizability.


Doral, FL



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  • LOCATION : Doral, FL
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Cobb Cinebistro Miami Theatre
Cobb Cinebistro Miami Theatre
Cobb Cinebistro Miami Theatre
Cobb Cinebistro Miami Theatre
Cobb Cinebistro Miami Theatre