Canoe Creek K-8 School

Zyscovich created this 21st Century Learning Environment with High Performance buildings, now within a comprehensive State-of-the-Art campus setting. The project accommodated 1200 student stations, as well as associated core support areas such as Administration, Dining, Gymnasium, and select Arts areas. The design basis was a re-use of one of School Prototypes, a Kit-of-Parts prototype which ideally accommodates only the pieces necessary for school expansion. The work included conversion of existing administration and dining/food service areas into classroom and educational support spaces, including Media Center, Sciencetorium, Admin center, a Gymnasium with Bleacher seating, and Arts Suite with spaces for Music, Orchestra, and Art. The school has been designated an e-STEM school with a covered Eco Dining Porch, Agro-Eco Student Gardens, as well as an existing conservation area and wetland on site, providing a unique opportunity to re-imagine the school’s brand through integration of new construction, renovated facilities and site features.


St. Cloud, FL


K-12 Education

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  • LOCATION : St. Cloud, FL
  • CATEGORY : K-12 Education
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