Bella Citta Elementary School

Located along the county edge of Polk County, Bella Citta Elementary serves as a municipal epicenter for a new and growing community within the Bella Citta area. The elementary school reflects the unique warm colors and materials used throughout the community due to its customizable characteristics. The school offers a capacity of 996 student stations and houses various educational programs such as extensive arts, music and science. In addition, a multi-purpose stage/cafeteria space is included along with separate entrances for after school performances and activities. This flexibility makes the new facility a true community school. The interior design of the school draws in the exterior natural environment and landscape by including rich colors such as reds, yellows and oranges. Using generous amounts of glazing along each classroom entrance allows the corridors to absorb borrowed light from the classroom’s exterior windows.


Davenport, FL


K-12 Education

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  • LOCATION : Davenport, FL
  • CATEGORY : K-12 Education
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Bella Citta Elementary School Architecture