BankUnited Miami Beach Flagship

BankUnited’s Miami flagship boutique bank was a study in contrast and contradiction. Housed within a 4000 square foot 1920’s garage building shell, the new insertion includes an angled division of spaces and elements in stark opposition to the existing rigorous structural grid and regular window bays. These diverging interior elements slice through the building, emphasizing the entry courtyard and culminating in the floating teller counter. The columnless space is spanned by existing exposed heavy steel girders and chaotic network of naturally finished wood ceiling joists to create a warm backdrop for the new pristine white limestone and aluminum and glass partitions below. The existing cast concrete structure and concrete masonry unit walls are revealed in all their imperfection to act in opposition to the sharp new window boxes, modern elements and furniture. New partitions delineating the conference room, guest and manager’s offices float free of the existing structure, becoming the jewel within the rough. All other secure program such as the Coupon Booth, Vault, Teller Counter, Teller Work area, Employee Lounge, bathrooms and storage areas are concealed within a low volume crouched in the corner of the volume and required strict coordination and compliance with BankUnited’s security standards. The finishes selected use a classic combination of smooth white limestone, stark aluminum lines, large teak panels and neutrally toned furniture to create a dynamic and spacious, yet warm environment. The glowing interior is also celebrated during the evening with the conference lighting emanating, creating visual interest near the façade, while strong linear ceiling light patterns exemplifying the juxtaposition of the old with the new.


Miami Beach, FL


Corporate & Commercial

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  • LOCATION : Miami Beach, FL
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