Andrea Castillo Preparatory Academy

Andrea Castillo Preparatory Academy is a compact prototype located on a small 6.5-acre site in the City of Doral. The school’s mission is to create an engaging and nurturing environment for students and stakeholders that fosters the intellectual and emotional growth of the individual child through quality instruction and meaningful collaboration as they prepare to become a global citizen.

The initial prototype was designed to accommodate 750 student stations and is expandable to 1,150 student stations. During the program validation phase, Zyscovich updated the exterior facades for community compatibility and created educational enrichment areas for 21st Century Learning while remaining in full compliance with the prescribed elementary curriculum to meet the state’s student station funding requirements. The school is comprised of seven kindergarten classrooms, 22 primary classrooms, 10 intermediate classrooms, two resource rooms, a covered outdoor dining, physical education, and art patio, an administration office suite, a cafetorium, and a kitchen. Other wonderment spaces include DaVinci Labs, a Media Center, and Art and Music Labs.


Doral, FL


K-12 Education

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  • LOCATION : Doral, FL
  • CATEGORY : K-12 Education
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