Larry Rosenbloom, AIA


Larry has more than 35 years of architectural design experience and brings a deep understanding of the northeast region of the United States as both an architect and urban designer. His considerable body of work includes mixed-use, retail, large-scale municipal infrastructure/transportation projects and transit oriented development communities throughout the northeast.

In recent years, he has developed designs for metropolitan New York transportation agencies to create Transit Oriented Development (TOD) communities. Having represented both the private and government sectors, he has proven expertise in resolving the challenges associated with complex urban projects. For example, Larry has received local and national recognition for his visionary role in the transformation of the New 42nd Street in New York City, NY. Once known as a blighted area of Manhattan, 42nd Street has become a vibrant, family friendly destination spot known for its retail shops and theatres that lead up to New York City’s Times Square. Additionally, Larry has extensive expertise in both the execution of rollout programs for national retailers and the development of modified prototypes for urban environments.

Larry is a member of the Board of Directors of Vision Long Island and has served as a consultant to key transportation agencies.